The PropTech startup NeoTwin was founded in September 2018 by an experienced team. Umdasch Group Ventures joined as a strategic partner in September 2019, taking a majority stake in NeoTwin GmbH. Umdasch Group Ventures GmbH is the future and innovation hub of the multinational Umdasch Group.

The team of founders from Munich has experienced the pain points and challenges in the industry and is determined to solve them through end-to-end digitalization and with new technologies. The founders have many years of experience in the industry and know exactly what is important. They bring extensive skills from construction, project management, IT/software development, and sales combined with over 50 years of practical experience. This is the best combination and prerequisite for successfully realizing a future-proof owner platform for building lifecycle management.

Why – Why and for what, at least?

Constructing and maintaining buildings and infrastructure facilities has always been associated with high levels of investment. There are also requirements for sustainability and decarbonisation in all phases of the life cycle of building facilities. All activities associated with those requirements during the phases of planning, realisation, and operation of the building facilities (assets) are characterized by processes with a strong division of labour.

The introduction of digital working methods, supported by numerous different specialised software applications, has created a large number of “data islands” among the parties involved in the processes. However, to holistically manage the assets and the associated projects, it is mandatory to merge these “data islands” into an integrated information base.

Why – inspiration and driving purpose, fuelled by core values and beliefs
  • Existing data islands need to be consolidated

  • Secure data sovereignty with the owner

  • We prefer control and governance over “data providers” and contractors

  • An integrated database is a prerequisite for efficiently managing assets and their associated projects

  • More and better data aids in meeting sustainability requirements.

In addition, from the point of view of the portfolioholders, developers, investors, and asset managers, summarised here as “owners,” additional information from the owner-specific processes must be added. This goes beyond a pure data warehouse. Ultimately, the data sovereignty of the owner must be guaranteed.

This was NeoTwin’s motivation for developing the cloud-based platform PrometriQ for asset management and project management of assets from the perspective of an owner. We feel that software solutions already established on the market and thus with our customer should be used or integrated as far as is possible.

How – How exactly?

The platform was developed based on the concepts “cloud computing,” “support of standards,” “open system architecture,” and the “use of existing system components.”

The Common Data Environment (CDE) on which the platform is based consists of the standard components Microsoft Teams© and Microsoft SharePoint© for document management and communication.

How – unique method, competitive advantage

The additionally required data models and functionalities for asset and project management were developed on the basis of Microsoft Azure©. Integration into company processes is ensured via bidirectional interfaces to the ERP systems established on the market (SAP© and others).

Optionally, it is possible to connect PrometriQ to platforms for managing 3D building models (BIM). The import and export of data is carried out according to relevant national and international standards. Where necessary, defined Microsoft Excel© templates are used.

  • Cloud computing

  • Open system architecture with flexible interface solutions; import and export according to national and international standards

  • Integration of software solutions established on the market

  • Common Data Environment (CDE) consisting of several software components

  • Ability to support the Building Information Management (BIM) method

What – What do we do?

The BIM-enabled PrometriQ platform from NeoTwin is a cloud solution for managing real estate and infrastructure assets throughout their entire life cycle.

We are focused on owners (investors, builders, developers, portfolio holders, etc.). The platform supports the customer and internal and external users through the two functional components AIM (Asset Information Management) and PIM (Project Information Management).

What – activity or offering
  • Monitoring and control instrument for asset management and projects associated with the asset over the entire building life cycle

  • Focusing on the requirements of an investor, builder, portfolio holder; in short, an owner of real estate

  • The functional areas Asset Information Management (AIM) and Project Information Management (PIM) are seamlessly integrated

  • Featuring a consistent database – the so-called “single point of truth”

  • Consulting and services for system implementation and support

The seamless integration of the two module areas AIM and PIM creates a powerful management tool with a comprehensive and consistent database. This so-called “single point of truth” organises the master data of your building assets and their projects (new construction, renovation, transformation, etc.) while providing the relevant key performance indicators, information, and analyses for daily management and reporting.

In addition, NeoTwin offers consulting services and other services in connection with introducing and integrating PrometriQ into company processes, along with the usual system support.

Who – Who are we?

Robert Cesak – Managing Director & Founder

Robert Cesak has played various management positions in technology companies and most recently in trading and service companies. Over a period of 20 years, he helped to develop and build up a young CAD/CAM software company with a focus on the automotive industry into an operating international technology leader. In the 1990s, as a tech supplier, he was part of the trends of concurrent engineering and product lifecycle management in the automotive industry. He is now looking forward to “pioneering the digitalisation of the AECO (architecture, engineering, construction, and operations) industry.”

Sebastian Popescu – Managing Director & Founder – Director Research & Development

After studying computer science, Sebastian Popescu was a key software architect in the development of a framework for creating specialist applications in the field of project management and controlling. In the process, he also gained extensive knowledge in the processes of planning and construction. Through his further training to become a certified Scrum Master, he has acquired additional in-depth knowledge of the agile Scrum development method.

Robert Hienz – Director Product Management & Founder

Robert Hienz was a member of the management of an engineering firm for project management in Munich. He studied civil and industrial engineering at the Technical University of Munich. He gained extensive experience in project controlling as well as in the development and introduction of project platforms in major projects, such as the new construction of the Munich Airport, the central project controlling of Deutsche Einheit Schiene rail transport projects, and most recently project controlling for construction of the Gotthard Tunnel.

Strategic partners

An Umdasch Group Ventures company

With its Doka and umdasch The Store Makers divisions, the Umdasch Group is developing into an international specialist for rooms. Technology and sustainability are important cornerstones here. Against this background, Umdasch Group Ventures – the innovation hub of the Umdasch Group – is working on new business models in the core areas of construction and retail. With more than 170 sales and logistics locations in over 60 countries, the Umdasch Group employs 8,500 people worldwide. In 2022, the family-owned company generated a turnover of 1.788 billion euros. Umdasch Group Ventures GmbH holds a 51% stake in NeoTwin.

With innovative formwork and scaffolding solutions, Doka creates living and working spaces with pioneering infrastructure to significantly improve the quality of life of many people.

umdasch The Store Makers realizes extraordinary store concepts, store fittings and digital solutions to optimize retail.

Cooperation partner IT Perspectives

IT Perspectives s.r.l. – ITP from Sibiu, Hermannstadt in the heart of Romania has been working with NeoTwin in software development for several years. The two shareholders and managing directors, Mr. Cristian Cimpineanu and Mr. Radu-Cosmin Secosan, are also co-founders and partners of NeoTwin GmbH.

Technology partners

Autodesk Inc.
Microsoft Corporation
Teamsware GmbH

Affiliated tech companies

umdasch The Store Makers
Concrefy B.V.


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