PrometriQ – the building lifecycle management platform


A cloud platform for managing real estate and infrastructure assets across the entire building lifecycle.


Asset and project management in the building lifecycle

PrometriQ focuses on the more or less complex buildings or structures, in other words, all the assets of an owner. These can be existing buildings or planned new construction projects. The platform offers two main areas to perform the related tasks:

  • Asset Information Management (AIM)
  • Project Information Management (PIM)

The AIM area includes all the data, functions and key performance indicators necessary for structuring, managing and controlling assets. Maintenance activities are planned and their costs and schedules are tracked. Asset transactions are also supported and managed in the AIM area.

The PIM area provides the functionality to manage the data and the needed key performance indicators for designing and  accomplishing of the projects. These can be new construction, transformation or renovation projects. The seamless integration of AIM and PIM provides a “single point of truth” for all data needed to manage the owner’s assets. These well-structured data can, if desired, be transferred to other systems, such as transaction platforms or data rooms.

Why PrometriQ?

Lifecycle platform
  • Open platform that integrates existing software applications
  • Cloud solution; meaning, easy integration of external service providers to support collaboration
  • BIM-ready, which means visualization of 3D building models in industry standard format with integrated assignment of business objects from PIM and AIM (e.g. visualization of construction contracts or rental contracts within the 3D model)
  • Integration of MS Teams® for collaboration and communication, MS-SharePoint® for file Management, MS-Excel® for data entry, MS-Project® for professional scheduling and MS-Planner® for task management
  • Integration of Common Data Environments (CDE) of the market leaders (Autodesk©, Nemetschek©) for building models or transferring data from different project rooms in the construction phases
  • Integration of specialized software (tendering, contracting, invoicing, scheduling, defect management, etc.)
  • Integration with your ERP environment (e.g. SAP®)
  • Integration of ESG portals
Key performance indicators
  • Merge different data sources (APIs, standard interfaces, MS Excel© templates, etc.)
  • Dashboards based on a consistent data repository
  • Traceable dashboards and reports assisted by data historization

The PrometriQ functional areas


Asset Information Management
  • Document the real estate asset and its buildings or structures
  • Manage the building book with and without a 3D building model
  • Create and track a financial plan using work packages
  • Plan construction and maintenance projects
  • Plan and monitor rental revenues and other revenues
  • Plan and monitor lifecycle costs
  • Monitor cashflow
  • Dashboards for controlling the assets using key performance indicators


Project Information Management
  • Project work breakdown structure
  • Schedule management
  • Plan and monitor project costs
  • Manage contracts from purchase to invoicing using tender specifications
  • Calculate cashflow based on cost elements and schedule
  • Optionally link costs, contracts, and schedule tasks to a 3D building model
  • Dashboards for monitoring the project using key performance indicators