Technology of the NeoTwin Owner Platform PrometriQ

The PrometriQ platform architecture is based on Microsoft Azure, combining the Microsoft 365 cloud products for alphanumeric data, as well as the CDE products of market leaders, such as Autodesk with its BIM360 and Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) product families or Allplan’s bimplus, for the management of 3D building models and 2D plans. This creates an ecosystem that enables companies to benefit from their own data.

The platform provides support for all data structures, roles, processes, standards, and catalogues creating a very productive environment required by the real estate world. The data harmonization and exchange between companies and their business partners creates a future-oriented platform.

The service providers involved in the planning, design, construction and management processes (planners, architects, engineers, construction companies, general contractors) continue to use, depending on the application, their specialized authoring systems; for example, CAD systems, QTO systems and CAFM systems, supply the data relevant for the owner through defined interfaces in accordance with the contractually agreed guidelines.

  • The NeoTwin’s cloud platform is an open platform, integrating best of class products: Microsoft 365 (with MS SharePoint, MS Teams, MS Project, MS Excel, Power BI) for communication & collaboration and Autodesk BIM360/ACC or Nemetscheck Bimplus for managing 3D building models
  • The results of the external service providers are imported through interfaces and APIs. The data exchange is based on standard formats of the construction industry (like german GAEB, austrian ÖNORM, IFC) or using the application or ERP systems API. A strong integration of MS Excel allows a flexible and easy to use data import/export.
  • PrometriQ platform orchestrates the ecosystem, merging data relevant for management and controlling and bringing information from different sources (internal/external) into a single point of truth. This ensures data consistency, data quality, data actuality governed by an easy-to-use user interface.
  • A consistent and multi-language user interface unfolds the role-based access to your real estate assets and projects. External actors can be simply enable to collaborate to the project management or asset management processes.

PrometriQ in a nutshell

A Common Data Environment (CDE) build up on global market leaders: Microsoft 365 with MS Teams and SharePoint, Autodesk with BIM 360/Autodesk Construction Cloud

  • Management of graphic data on 2D plans and/or 3D building models created with CAD systems (e.g. Revit, Allplan, Archicad)
  • Document management (e.g. CAD plans, Office files, PDF files, JPG or PNG files from images, photos, etc.)
  • Communication and collaboration with Microsoft 365 (MS Teams, MS SharePoint, MS Planner, etc.)
  • Functionality to support visualization and collaboration (upload and download functions, versioning, viewing building models and plans, issue and defect management, model comparisons, and much more)
  • Extensive BI functionality with MS PowerBI for monitoring, analyses, and dashboarding.

PrometriQ completes the CDE

  • Management of alphanumeric data (business objects) like budget, cost plans, contracts, schedules, risks, etc.
  • Integration of different data types (building models, plans, business objects, attributes that describe an asset like building type, spaces grouped as units or flats, vacancy, etc.)
  • Interfaces for easy data exchange with third-party solutions to build up an connected ecosystem
  • The open platform architecture enables owners to use own data in combination with external data/information (e.g. market, demographic and other economic indicators, weather data, etc.) as well as IoT data, 360-degree virtual tours.
  • Data benchmark of internal and external data

PrometriQ – an open and flexible platform

  • Exchangeable components, high degree of flexibility for integrating third-party applications (scheduling, QTO, document management, etc.)
  • Configurable and customizable to support the owner’s business processes, by managing templates and catalogues.
  • Open platform with bidirectional interfaces to ERP systems like SAP.
  • Ensures compliance und data governance.

Integration and extension of digital twins

Depending on individual business requirements, a digital twin is used to create an image of the existing or future asset, which is dynamically enhanced with data and information during the building life cycle. The digital twin is therefore not a “one size fits all” concept, but it is shaped by the needed use cases.

The digital twin of a building is created around its 3D models, which are updated in accordance with the BIM methodology in the lifecycle phases and enhanced with data for different use cases. For instance, the basic information on geometry, quantities and qualities of the building elements is enriched with location data, inventory and equipment elements or IoT data.

The PrometriQ platform uses and combines this information with best technologies available, in order to bring all information together needed by the asset owners in the asset management project management processes. The ecosystem offers a veritable “single point of truth” and enables the owner to take better decisions based on …

  • Integration and data enrichment
  • Summarization and consolidation
  • Availability and data actuality
  • integrated and optimized processes
  • Transparent and consistent data