Digital building lifecycle management with PrometriQ

Cloud platform for the digital management of real estate and infrastructure assets across the entire building life cycle

The BIM-enabled platform PrometriQ is NeoTwin’s cloud solution for managing real estate and infrastructure assets over their entire life cycle. Our focus is on owners (investors, builders, real estate portfolio managers, etc.). The platform supports customers or internal and external users through its two functional areas AIM (Asset Information Management) and PIM (Project Information Management).

Digital asset and project management in the building life cycle for real estate and infrastructure

PrometriQ focuses on the more or less complex buildings or structures, in other words, all the assets of an owner. These can be existing buildings or planned new construction projects. The platform offers two main areas to perform the related tasks: Asset Information Management and Project Information Management.

Manage building data efficiently, increase the value of your assets and optimize your refurbishment measures!


The Asset Information Management (AIM) area structures and documents the asset portfolio of an owner. Based on this, all relevant data for the management of revenues and operation costs of the operate phase are brought together. The assets can be grouped into portfolios.


Projects are an essential part of the life cycle of buildings and structures. Not only construction and deconstruction are complex projects but also extension, transformation or renovation of assets are designed and implemented as projects. They maintain the value of an asset or portfolio or develop the asset to a higher level. To support these processes, the Project Information Management (PIM) area of PrometriQ provides the necessary functionality.

The NeoTwin owner platform technology

The PrometriQ platform architecture is based on Microsoft Azure, combining the Microsoft 365 cloud products for alphanumeric data, as well as the CDE products of market leaders, such as Autodesk with its BIM360 and Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) product families or Allplan’s bimplus, for the management of 3D building models and 2D plans. This creates an ecosystem that enables companies to benefit from their own data. The platform provides support for all data structures, roles, processes, standards, and catalogues creating a very productive environment required by the real estate world. The data harmonization and exchange between companies and their business partners creates a future-oriented platform.

PrometriQ, the digital building lifecycle management platform for owners of real estate and infrastructure assets


Project developers, property developers, private investors, and private real estate portfolio managers

Real estate portfolio managers

Institutional and public real estate portfolio managers, retail chains and chain stores, corporate real estate industry, and infrastructure

Temporary builders and service providers

Project management companies, construction management companies, project supervisors, project controllers

Careers at NeoTwin

PropTech startup NeoTwin was founded in September 2018 in Munich by an experienced team.

We are convinced that we have found the right approach for digitalization in the asset management of the real estate industry as well as in the project management for new construction transformation and renovation projects in the construction industry and can make a relevant contribution.

NeoTwin is a dynamic and eager team that wishes to constantly develop and grow. We are therefore always looking for new team members. In a nutshell: We seek people who want to digitalize the real estate and construction industry together with us.